Who We Are?

Real World Experience

We are a Law Office that offers real world business experience in addition to our expert legal services. Our Chief Counsel’s background in Business, Marketing, Management, Finance and In-House Publications Development, give us a unique edge over other law firms that tout only legal experience. Our office has what no other office does–that is, we combine real business experience, real life publications writing, real life market development and strategy planning with legal expertise that includes formal training in Interpersonal Communications and Advanced Academic training in Business Administration. We also offer real world experience in the area of Estate Planning for Children and Families to develop ‘Creative and Thorough Estate Plans and Companion Documents’ that truly reflect the wishes of parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Focused Expertise

Because of who we are, we can offer focused expertise in the areas of Business, Corporate and Estate Planning. This expertise also allows us to offer Mediation and Arbitration services along with some ‘Specialty Litigation’.

Our Business & Corporate expertise includes: Business Planning and Development, Business Incorporation, Choice of Entity, Contracts, Licensing; Writing, Development and Implementation of In-House Policy Manuals; in addition to Business Strategy Planning. We also offer legal services as Outside Corporate Counsel for Small to Medium sized business who want their Own Counsel, but are not large enough to support full time in-house counsel, or Larger businesses who want Independent Outside Counsel to avoid any appearance of impropriety, such as conflict of interest or self-interest that In-House Corporate counsel may inadvertently project.

Chief Counsel, MBA, Business Developer & Author

As Chief Counsel, Attorney Mary Kay Elloian offers her experience and educational background as a Business Planner and Developer, Interpersonal Communicator, and Author–in addition to her Business & Estate Planning experience that will meet and exceed your business and individual needs. Attorney Elloian offers a unique approach to problem-solving, as she has holds an Advanced Graduate Degree in Business Administration, M.B.A., in addition to her background in Interpersonal Communications as an experienced lecturer and Author, in addition to being an Experienced Attorney.

Estate Planning for Children & Families

Because of Attorney Elloian’s avid interest in Interpersonal Family Communications, she also offers Estate Planning for Children & Families. As an advocate for Children and Families, she has seen all too often how well-meaning parents think they have provided for their minor or adult children, but in reality their estate plan is an accident waiting to happen. When there is one spouse who dies prematurely, this sets up a scenario for remarriage and redistribution of wealth that oftentimes does not coincide with the deceased spouses’ wishes. This can play havoc on children left behind. In case of divorce or simultaneous death of both parents, directives are needed to ensure the family members you want to raise your child are the ones that the Court sees as being ‘elected’ by you. Too often the Court gets to decide where the children and family monies go, and all too often it is not the best choice.

We Offer Inalienable Estate Planning to Ensure That Your Directives Cannot Be Altered or Abridged

Because of Attorney Elloian’s unrelenting interest in children and families, we offer ‘Inalienable’ Estate Planning services that empower parents to provide for their children and other family members in ways that cannot be altered or abridged after one spouse dies or becomes incapacitated. All too often, the lack of clear written directives play havoc on the family unit. Time and again, minor children and other deserving family members pay the price by losing their inheritance at the hands of conniving family members who try, and often do thwart the estate planning wishes of one or both spouses by, manipulation, deceit, isolation, or pandering to the elder or survivor. It happens to Minor and Adult Children in the event of remarriage, divorce or when one parent dies and the survivor no longer honors the wishes of his/her deceased spouse for a myriad of reasons. These are real world experiences to which Attorney Elloian can shed her years of experience to save your loved ones the heartache that can so easily be avoided by having a detailed, thoroughly drafted, and ‘Inalienable’ Estate Plan.

We Offer Goal Oriented Planning & Directives for Parents & Guardians

It is our goal to empower Parents & Guardians to ensure that their Family and Childrens’ needs and their directives will be specifically met and carried out.

Estate Planning to Include Non-Human Family Members

Additionally, we offer Estate Planning services to provide for Non-Human Family members as well, as we also offer Estate Planning With Pets. This unique Estate Plan offering, provides pet owners & caretakers the ability to take precautionary steps to ensure that their deserving non-human family members will be provided for, and taken care of in ways similar to that of children. In this manner, our office provides traditional services in non-traditional ways. See our Articles on Estate Planning With Pets in our Publications section.

Give us a call to discuss your business, corporate, or personal needs, so that we may offer you concrete solutions today, to avoid problems of tomorrow. Call us at 781-275-2225, or send an email with your contact information including your phone number, (include a brief description of your concern) to: Counsel@EstatePlanningForFamilies.com. Our goal is to solve your problems before they begin.

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