Our Clients

  • Individuals who are concerned about providing for their family and loved ones in the event of sudden illness, incapacity, second marriages or death
  • New business entrepreneurs looking for contracts and agreements
  • High tech start up companies who want to protect their proprietary information
  • Companies looking to license their proprietary information
  • Businesses, Associations and Individuals who want to incorporate and limit personal liability
  • Employers interested in preserving company secrets
  • Executives and decision makers of companies or franchises who need Outside Legal Counsel on a continuous or non-continuous basis
  • Businesses and Corporations who want to develop in-house Policy Manuals & Employment Agreements
  • Employers interested in writing & developing corporate policies to avoid e-mail & internet abuses by employees
  • Businesses who need ongoing contract review and negotiations’ assistance
  • Companies who want to educate their employees about workplace responsibility and their role regarding proprietary secrets through seminars and informational discussion
  • Businesses who want to educate their staffs about the effects of discriminatory practices in the workplace and how to avoid them
  • Companies looking for contract review and modifications of existing agreements.

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