Seminars and Newsletters

We also provide Seminars to Businesses, Corporations, and their Employees on various  topics of interests  which affect both employee and employer, including but not limited to, preservation of proprietary secrets and the necessity of non-compete agreements in a competitive marketplace.

In addition, we provide Seminars on Estate Planning to Organizations & Groups on issues affecting planning for the Care of Children and Family Pets in the event of incapacity or death of a parent,  guardian, or caregiver.

Soon we will be providing an On-Line Newsletter to our Business Clients addressing many business issues affecting daily business.

We also provide an Estate Planning newsletter to our Estate Planning Clients on topics that affect all aspects of planning for Individuals, Families to also include their Pets.

Subscription to Our On-Line Newsletters: If you are a client and would like to subscribe to either of our On-Line Newsletters, please email us at Counsel@EstatePlanningForFamilies and provide your contact information, and please specify which Newsletter you wish to receive: Business Information or Estate Planning.

For more information on our special offering of Pet Estate Planning Seminars,’ click on the link below.

Seminar: Estate Planning For Pet Owners

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