Estate Planning for Pet Owners

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This seminar, “Estate Planning for Pet Owners” is an invaluable session for pet owners and veterinarians alike.

Health Care Directives…How Your Veterinarian Can Save The Day

All too often, veterinarians face the dilemma of euthanizating a healthy vigorous pet when a pet owner dies, just because the owner feared that no one would want the pet. Or, the pet owner mistakenly believed no one would care for their pet in the manner that their pets became accustomed. To help prevent these terrible misconceptions, Attorney Mary Kay Elloian has developed the seminar, “Estate Planning With Pets” to provide pet owners and veterinarians with the information they need to help prevent such tragedies from occurring. With some simple Estate Planning steps, pet owners can be assured that their pets will be cared for by someone they choose and in the manner they so designate.

Providing Pet Owners With Choices For Their Peace of Mind

In her seminar, Attorney Elloian outlines the steps necessary to develop a pet care and maintenance plan, both long and short term, which may also designate that your pet’s present health care provider be the one to provide continued care for the pet after the pet owner is no longer able. By proving such health and maintenance directives in an estate plan, pet owner’s can have peace of mind that their faithful loved one will be cared for in the manner that the both the pet owner and the pet have become accustomed. By providing for the pet with a continuity of care and maintenance plan, trauma to the pet can be minimized while a new caretaker situation is established.

Identification Measures to Ensure Your Pet is Being Cared For

To complement her Estate Planning techniques, Attorney Elloian provides current security information about “microchipping” your pet. Such a procedure can provide assurance that the pet you want cared for is in fact the one being cared for. This is especially important in multi-pet households where medical services must be provided for a specific pet, or if one pet is a breeding pet. It is also a great feature to identify the pet in the event the pet may be lost or stolen. By microchipping, a pet owner can have peace of mind that it is “their pet” that is being cared for as designated in their Estate Plan.

Short Term Care Planning…Just As Essential As Long Term Planning

In addition, to long term care estate planning, it is also just as important to provide a short term care plan to prevent any potential crisis situation from having potentially devastating effect upon your pet. All too often, if a pet owner suffers some sudden incapacity or even worse, the pet can be inadvertently forgotten for days and weeks with no one to care for it. To avoid this potentially disastrous outcome, a pet owner must carefully plan with the help of an experienced legal professional, an estate plan that will serve both long and short term care and maintenance needs. Because no one wants their pet to be deprived of food, water, shelter, medical care, or be inadvertently forgotten or abandoned…it is essential that a thorough and comprehensive health and maintenance plan be in place to contact designated caregivers to provide immediate, uninterrupted care for your pets.

Some of the topics Attorney Elloian will discuss:

  • How Pre-emptive Estate planning can help save the life of your pet
  • How to choose the caretakers and the medical care your pet will receive
  • Microchipping and other identification methods to ensure that the correct pet is being cared for
  • Current legislation that may soon make leaving money to benefit animal related charities tax deductible.

*This seminar, “Estate Planning For Pet Owners” is without charge, but reservations are strongly recommended.

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